Meet Donald

Donald E. Lee, a fine artist, celebrated and accomplished in the arts, was born into the arts.  His lessons in the discipline of drawing began as early as he can remember.  His mother recalled that while in his youth, Donald amused himself by using the old Sear’s catalogues as source material for his drawings.  Donald is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and was born in 1928 and died in 2021.

In 1985, the self-taught artist enhanced his art career by attending night classes at the renowned Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore.  At Schuler, Donald’s achievements were recognized.  This marked a turning point in his life as an artist.  Donald’s innate talents blended harmoniously with a solid foundation of studying the “Old Masters”.  In no time at all, Donald had mastered additional techniques, including grinding his own paint and the creation and use of Maroger medium, the secret recipe used by the “Old Masters.”

Due in part to his extensive training and understanding of the classic techniques of the Masters, Donald’s paintings have a remarkable inner glow.  His oils are intense, yet subtle.  Donald’s devotion to his craft and his creative energy have fired the passion apparent in his Still Life, Marine and Portrait paintings.

Passionate about the fine arts and other fine artists’ work, Donald collaborates in workshops with other artists, including Will Wilson, Daniel Green, Melvin Miller and Fritz Briggs.  He is a member of the Charcoal Club of Baltimore, Maryland.  His work is displayed in the Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis, as well as in many significant private collections throughout the United States.

Donald hopes you enjoy your visit to his website, and invites you to contact him or sign-up to his followers’ list.  In doing so, you’ll receive announcements whenever new paintings are posted to the site, as well as notification of any shows in which he will be participating.